Control Panels


We can design a wide range of control panels to suit many applications


Domestic Pump station control Panels

• Display screen stating fault when the alarm is tripped

• An alarm system that will automatically override the system and try to start pump under manual override conditions



Control Panels for sewerage treatment plants and commercial applications can be designed with many features and benefits to suit individual requirements. All panels can be manufactured in Marine Grade Aluminium or 316 stainless steel, powder coated and be key lockable.


• Full alarm system for all equipment within the system

• Disinfection system built in

• An integrated irrigation control system

• Alarm using remote plate, phone dialler or built in

  audible alarm


Irrigation control panels can also be designed to you specific requirements

• Automatic tank top up

• Programmed watering tanks

• Equipment Failure alarms

• Zoned Systems

• Duty and stand by pumps


All our Control panels constructed and manufactured by North East Electrical are weatherproof to suit Australian conditions and meet all Australian Standards

o IP54 min to AS1939-1986 (Weatherproof)

o From 1 to AS3439.1-1993 (Internal Wiring)

o Wired to AS3000-2000 (Aust. Wiring Rules)


We Pride ourselves on quality workmanship and quality materials when building our switchboards and distribution boards in which we have over 35yrs experience in constructing. All our materials used comply with the Australian Standards AS3000:2000 wiring rules and Essential Energy / state specifications. We can manufacture any switchboards from a small distribution boards to large switchboards to suit all specifications of your job including location, viability and environmental concerns, we specialize in 316 stainless steel for saltwater and chemically resistance areas.

Main Switchboards: Indoor / Outdoor

> Any Design we can design and construct to your
   business needs

> IP56 to AS1939-1986 (Weatherproof)

> Including or excluding metering

> Up to 2000amps 415V.



Consoles:  Indoor Boards

> Any Design


Control Panels: Indoor / Outdoor boards


Distribution Boards: Custom

> Any Colour, Shape or size



> Up to IP56 to AS1939-1986 (Weatherproof)

> Up to 400amps @ 415VAC

> Fully labelled or Standard Labelling

> Control Equipment and full internal wiring

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